Del Rey 8 Lizard

Del Rey 8 Lizard

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Interior : 8 credit card slots, 2 flat pockets, zipped change purse.

Color : Iron Blue

Size: L20 x W10 x D2.2 CM

L7.875" x W4" x D0.875"

Wallet in Lizard leather,Goatskin lining. 

Its made exclusively from the best quality skins from Indonesia. Lizard skin is extremely valuable and rare,is processed as little as possible to maintain its natural texture. The small lizard scales on the bag offer a shiny appearance, even on the matte finish, and provide a grainy feel to the touch.

Lizard skin requires a lot of special attention to avoid drying and peeling, thus it must be kept at a comfortable temperature.

Hardware: YKK's EXCELLA® zipper is its highest quality metal zipper with fully polished elements.


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